Thursday, 21 February 2013

magic spells

*hairflick kiss kiss kiss again hairflick pirouette*.
Ok so this is by far the worst intro ever. So half term is over tomorrow and I went skiing (omg sport what what what?!) and had fun. But just before that I went to the Big you 3 which is a blogger event by Unlimited PR. And boy, did I have the time of my life! I went with Jonas. So today I am going to do a little round up and you know I normally don't do press days post (because I am not a billboard) but there was some seriously great stuff 
Picture by UPR
Picture by UPR
Instagram picture by Jonas
Honestly I am not the biggest Swarovski fan. It is just not my 'thing'.
But this collection is admittedly cute!
I didn't take that many pictures which is really stupid of me but there was this really great flamingo necklace (you can see it in right of the second picture). The colors are great and if  you are not a person that
loses jewelry on a daily basis - as I do- you ought to take a look at their online shop.
I am a sucker for photobooths. Seriously I  used to go into photobooths like every week but then they raised the price and now I can't afford the addiction anymore. Hey Swarovski ! Are you guys screening me or something?! Last time you got polaroids and now a photobooth. This is getting creepy!

Flippa K was also really cool. You must style your own outfit with the new summer collection
(the new collection is really pretty and patsely - don't look this up- 'patsely' is not English  and it doesn't exist in any other language  as far as I know, but it's a useful, descriptive Ibe-ish term that is temporarily wanting in the dictionary )
Flippa K is one of those brands that I wish I could wear.
Just being a scandinavian minimalistic cool girl.
But that is just not how I roll.
As you can see I absolutely must add my own crown and candy bracelet.
I will always be that crazy overdressed lady. But I would love to have some pieces of this collection in my closet! Oh and the best outfit will be featured in the windows of the Flippa K store in Antwerp and Brussels which is like the coolest thing ever!
STYLE CLASH. Ok you can always feature this outfit without the crown ((:
My favorites (from left to right): young hearts mirror, betty lipstick in the color 'Betty Bright', 
Veronica Opulash mascara, Veronica lipgloss in the color 'Feelin So Good', just a flirt make-up bag, 
Veronica lipstick in the color 'Boyfriend Stealer', Veronica lipstick in the color 'Ronnie Red',
Veronice nail lacquer in the color: 'Double Trouble', Veronica pigment in the color 'Magic Spells', 
Archie's Girls pearlglide intense eyeliner in the color 'Black Swan'.
There also was MAC workshop which I didn't attend because I was late
(long story including cancelled trains, last minute  hitchhiking and lots of drama and tears),
AND I REALLY REGRET IT. Because the day after I saw on instagram that
their was the Archie's girl collection. AND OMG I LOVE THIS COLLECTION SO MUCH.
I wish I owned everything. But you know how it goes with money and by the way, everything is sold out online.
Oh also I want to wish you all a late Valentines day and remember:


  1. I love this post! It looks like you had an amazing time, and your outfit was gorgeous. I love the filippa k outfit you styled!

  2. I wish cool photobooths even existed where i live ugh! The outfit is cool too - the word 'pastel' describes those sorts of colours in english <3 <3 <3

  3. lovely blog<3 and i dig your header.


  4. i wish we had those photobooths :/ i'm so jealous! the first and last pic <33
    GURL UR BLOG IS DA BOMBBBB and ur flower crown omg


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