Friday, 15 March 2013


So hello! I have been up to so many different things these weeks
(including being sick and going to school and not blogging sorry).
So uhm this will be a post about how life is lately and the stuff I did and etc.
And there is a post coming up about the shows that I saw at paris fashion week.
But right now people are to be content with this.
My latest instagram pictures from left to right: 
I've been watching a lot of The Addams Family,
totally wishing this giant Monchichi was mine, skirt - candy matching,
I bought tie dye thights and they looked cool with my loafers.
 Spring moodboard in my diary
(how ironically, the day after I made this it started snowing again),
I finally got around to sewing patches on my jeans jacket so that I can wear my hair in
a ponytail (and my fringe needsa cut), I went shopping with Alice and
bought loads of cute stuff, went one euro shopping for Hollie's care package
(and a little bit for me *wink sassy look*)
More shopping (one euro sale in one of my favorite vintage stores),
books that I am currently reading, selfie with my new favorite hair clip,
really rad letter from Antonia and she made the patch! What a talented cute blogger girl
(bringing my granny's vibe back).
Last Sunday Parel came to work on a school project (we are making a DIY site)
and we crafted and afterwards we decided to take some pictures.
Parel wears a dyed flower crown, her own army jacket and my c/o Zalando shoes.

Wearing my vintage wedding dress, tie dye tights from forever 21
and my Miu Miu clogs
Parel being pretty and looking like Sky Ferreira
Same outfit. And I am holding the composition book that I bought with Alice and
Catcher In The Rye which is so good and ah it is too personal to talk about it on a fashion blog. 
Parel wears my jacket from the lazy ones and vintage 
velvet dress and c/o zalando heels
Wearing another vintage wedding dress. It is one of the prettiest things that I own and
perfect for floating trough the forest and feeling ethereal.
I tied a lace ribbon in my hair and I can finally braid it in two little braids.
I hope that this summer my hair will be finally long enough to make a beehive.
This bob is getting boring.
I made this mixtape because I want it to be summer/spring.
So I can bike again in bare legs and wear slip dresses and listen to my record player in a flower field.
And be free and do what you want and meet up with cool people and blog.
LIVING THE GOOD LIFE. Also I am going to a Lana Del Rey concert in May.

I really can't wait till this summer. The whole dreamy pastel flower grainy summer vibes are
again so appealing to me and I just don't want to worry anymore about jacket, coats, waterproof shoes
and socks (actually I never worry about these. I would rather freeze to death then wear moonboots to school, yes mom, do read this and stop asking me to wear my ski pants).

oh btw I started an etsy shop and you guys should buy something so 
I can buy fake flowers and stickers


  1. ohmy, I love love love all that stuff!

    and thank you sooo much! So how's it gonna work now? do you want me to write back to your letter or do you write me now? <3

  2. Perfect mixtape :) x

  3. Oh, so cute! Love the mixtape, I can't wait for summer either. :)

  4. everything is so pastellish and pretty!!! i love your playlist, the velvet underground are amazing! your vintage wedding dress is so pretty ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and don't get my started on your clogs....

  5. *Sighhh* This just makes me want Summer even more...these pictures are perfect, and I love your playlist!

  6. Absolutely everything is amazing <3 great playlist. You jean jacket is so rad.

  7. Wow. All your photos are so perfect.

    Bee xx