Friday, 26 July 2013

wild horses

So it is almost 1 am and  well here is the person who said: I am going to post so much this summer vacation, really like so so so much. Totally failed. But it has nevertheless been a productive summer so far! I already developed two disposable camera rolls and I am halfway a third one. I really wanted to make a post before leaving for England in two days. Some of these disposable pictures  were picked up by Pulp Zine so I thought it would be nice to post them here along with some other
 My saddle shoes
Fien, Zoe & Aster changing shoes because heels are hell

 Me being the happiest kid ever with my new records
 Botanical garden in Amsterdam
 Botanical garden in Amsterdam
 Me being a rebel with temporary tattoos
 I actually don't really know what I am doing here
 Myrte being pretty as always whilts posing for a random caravan. We kind of pretended being residents of that trailer park so we could use the bathrooms and take pictures in front of weird old trailers. 
Ugh teenage kicks.
Yes I basically live in my dungarees

 Myrte again
 This one was taken at my birthday party way back in May.
 Zoe at my birthday party
 Fien at my birthday party
 Again Fien & Zoe at my birthday party
 Tie dying
Parel at this weird candy shop thingy

Ok I agree this is a kind of shitty and stupid post but I promise that there are really cool posts coming up. I think I might write a post about all the cool stuff that I got from even cooler people and I will also meet up with some people in London and do lots of stuff so you will read more about that in three weeks. And there are also some amazing secret project coming up so stay tuned and until then you can always follow me on instagram @iberossel (SELF PROMOTION YES FOREVER TOTALLY SHAMELESS)



  1. This is not shitty and stupid this is wonderful and magical! Wow all these pictures look so dreamy!!!

  2. Jij hebt echt gevoel voor wat moooi is!!

  3. These are such beautiful photos!! I love them!!

  4. Omg I love these photos so much! I love disposable cameras ahhh they produce the most amazing photos. I especially LOVE #2, 7, 12, 14, and 15 they are so beautiful and Rookie-ish. <33

  5. i cannot wait to (attempt to) take some photos on my holiday with a disposable camera. they turned out so so so so so so so cool, i am so jealous of how beautiful and adventurous your summer has been

  6. I love these pictures! Ik ben niet helemaal zeker waarom ik dat in het engels zei maar toch, heel inspirerend en leuk :)

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  8. hey was jij 2 weken geleden niet eens in Gent met een vriendin?
    Ik heb je denk ik zien lopen ;)
    Echt supermooie foto's!


  9. Super mooie foto's !

  10. Super duper love all the pictures, they're so beautiful and look so magical!

  11. so cool and special atmosphere!

  12. These photos are just perfect ♡♥♡♥♡♥

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