Saturday, 24 August 2013

you look like you've been for breakfast at the heartbreak hotel

Hello lovely people of the internet! So it has been a while again. We've been to England for two weeks and I had the time of my life (especially the five days in London where I met up with some of the most amazing internet people ever, I am working on a travel diary for this blog and I think that will get online next week or something). But I kind of wanted to make a life update before I post the article about my trip.
And I know that this blog has been one big life update lately and I am sorry but I literally don't have the time to be one of those bloggers who update everyday and who are really professional.
I am fourteen okay. Just a little friendly reminder (:
Okay so a life update!

I have been back home for a week or so  and that week was almost entirely spent with catching up with friends.  We did a little camping trip with Fien, Zoe and Parel (go follow her on instagram @parelcoone) which was so much fun! Zoe & I both took some disposables and we will see how those turn out.
I also have been reading a lot (but not as much as usual) and my most favorite book this summer is by far 'The Outsiders' by S.E Hinton. After finishing it I totally wanted to see the movie and I did. And I swear I am like totally obsessed with it, it is so so so good. I was crying at the ending of the book and aaahg the 'Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold' part literally broke my heart.
I just love them all so much (but Steve and Darry less than the others). I made a lot screenshots for my fall vibes so you will see more on The Outisders later. Also it is so cool that this book is written by a 16 (at that time of course) year old girl and actually got a lot of recognition! Going from The Outsiders to the Arctic Monkeys feels like a totally fluent and natural movie because I reckon that Alex Turner could well be grown up Ponyboy Curtis. Don't tell me that the age can't be right.

I have been listening to 'Do I wanna know?' a lot when it first came out last June. It is really good and Alex is a dream (and because I have the tendency to obsess over songs during the exam period aka June. I don't know why but it is just something that I do a lot). But it was still like a normal obsession. Like listening to it max once a day. But when 'Why'd you only call me when you're high' came out I switched to full fan-girl mode. And re-watching Submarine (Alex Turner did the whole soundtrack) didn't make it any better. So I decided to buy some plain white tees and transfer paper and make my own Arctic Monkeys t-shirt (yes I know that I should buy an official one but I really don't have the money and I also wanted some lyrics on it)
Arctic Monkeys shirt with lyrics from Piledriver Waltz and one with you're disgusting on it.
 My t-shirt collection benefited a lot from the summer holidays. From left to right:
yellow shirt with car print is from a vintage shop in Brighton and was only one pound, the pink one with the merry-go-round horse is also from a vintage shop in Brighton, my mother bought the red monchichi shirt at a vintage market in Berlin and the yellow third planet (it is an old advertisement shirt from a sci fi store in texas) is also from Brighton (Brighton is like literally vintage tee heaven).
I also traded this amazing backpack with Pearl. It used to be her mum's and I just love it so much. It is roomy enough to fit in all my sleepover stuff/school shit/digital camera and three notebook and ten tubes of glitter and two disposable cameras and a bag of cherries aka everything I need.
Here is a better look at the shoes that I made at the beginning of this summer. I love how they are now covered in dirt and like ~summer memoriezzz~ and stuff.
I also got these three cuties. And as always my latest instagram photos (i am so addicted it is insane).
 From left to right: Silke eating watermelon, me wearing my Disgusting shirt and exposing a messy head of hair, a portrait by the amazing Polina (@velvetrainbow on instagram) and Myrte with the mix cd that I made her.
 Flea market finds (YES Tango In The Night vinyl for five euros I am so happy), photo of me camping with Fien, Zoe and Parel; Fien's and mine airbrush tattoos, Fien and Zoe camping.
Fien's cat Lola, messy hair in the public camping showers Myrte, A slushee
Stuff I bought in Amsterdam, yours sincerely in the Horta greenhouse in Amsterdam, 
Again in Horta, Stephen Gill exhibition at FOAM.



  1. I love the Arctic Monkeys t-shirt and your shoes!!Also your instagram is one of my favourites,the photos are so dreamy <3

  2. these photos are so dreamy, i seriously dig them

  3. Ah, yes, The Outsiders. It still remains one of my favourite novels five years later. It really never gets old! Two-Bit will probably always be my favourite character. Try reading some other books by S.E. Hinton. She has a few others that are pretty good.

    Transfer sheet t-shirts annoy me so much because I'll wash them once and they'll be done for, but I still want to make them because there really isn't a t-shirt for everything and sometimes you want something more personal. I love the Arctic Monkeys one, by the way, that's one of my favourite songs! The Submarine soundtrack is so great (as well as pretty much anything else Alex Turner is involved in)!

  4. This is all so wonderful - I love the Arctic Monkeys; I can totally empathise with you on all your feelz about them. That book looks really interesting, I'll add it to my reading list! And as always your photos are magic

  5. You seem to have an amazing summer, can't wait to read your travel diary. I love London so much!!

  6. ok so first of all the submarine soundtrack has basically been my go to album this summer, especially for taking late night walks. second, not to be weird but there is a hoffman's playland right near my house i wonder if its the one on the shirt omg. also really into your cacti, they're my fave plant

  7. CACTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love that photo with the grimes album in the background it is so perfect. Also, I saw the photos of when you met up with those other awesome bloggers, they are so perfect!!!

  8. Your blog is so perfect and I'm in love with your tshirt collection *sigh*

  9. We zaten vandaag op dezelfde tram! Maar dat ontdekte ik pas toen je afstapte, anders had ik zeker een praatje gemaakt

  10. wow them shoes are amazing!! Love your blog !!!

    your room is suppper rad <3

  12. omgg your t-shirts, awesomm <3

    weirdoland -

  13. submarine <3 cactussen <3 amsterdam <3 brighton <3 you like all the things I like!

    love, Charlotte
    the girl you met today ;)

    - aliceroxy = my blog! bisous xo