Sunday, 17 November 2013

i don't need your flowers

Hi! Wow another post without five years in between. I just really wanted to post about the Titi + The German Kid x Ibe collection. So prepare for the most narcissistic post ever! Thanks to Crystal for doing the make-up & hair and to Sofie Coreynen for the photo's and of course thanks to Kristien for being the fabbest person ever basically.
Plastic animals necklaces (different animals and colors) - Titi likes Ibe capsule collection.
Shirt & shoulder thing - Titi likes Ibe capsule collection.
Leather dog necklace - Titi likes Ibe capsule collection.
Bracelets, animal necklaces & letter necklace - Titi likes Ibe capsule collection.
Bracelets (worn together here) - Titi likes Ibe capsule collection.
Badges (worn on dungarees) - Titi likes Ibe capsule collection.
All badges - - Titi likes Ibe capsule collection.
Sunglasses - Titi likes Ibe capsule collection.

The collection will come out on the 25th of January and will be available online, in the showroom in Hasselt and in some other places (I need to look this up but I am too lazy). I am so happy with how the collection turned out! Everything is organic or recycled and just looking at everything makes me really happy!
Can't wait to wear all these things and aaah I still can't believe this actually happened.



  1. This photographs are incredible x

  2. Echt gaaf deze collectie! En mooie foto's, de laatste foto is erg leuk :)

  3. Everything here is soo lovely. I can't wait to buy some stuff if I can find a bit of money. *cue montage of me shaking my wallet only to hear coins jangling inside* Anywho, you look wonderful in these pictures!


  4. Suuuuuuuupermooie foto's allemaal, you look amazing gurl! Can't wait to shop those badges and the fake flowers :D

  5. this is the coolest thing ever. I am 100% ordering everything.

  6. Wat een mooie foto's van jou, ik vind ze prachtig! Toffe collectie ook, je hebt ze goed aangeprijsd :) Deze narcistische post was heel fijn om te kijken, meer van dat!

  7. UGHH IBE YOU ROCK SO HARD. but really congrats this stuff is amazinng

  8. oh my gooood you are a beauty! NEED everything here <3

  9. aaahhh ecjt super vet ! ik heb laatst nog zon plastic insecten gekocht die er best wel op lijken, nu weet ik wat ik ermee gaa doen :)

  10. everything here looks so fantastic, as do you! congrats!

  11. Ik heb de collectie (of een deel ervan toch) gezien tijdens de persdagen en het ziet er ├ęcht heel goed uit. Proficiat!!

  12. Mooie foto's, Ibe! En proficiat! x

  13. Wauw kijk leuk dit :)
    Vind vooral het I dont need your flowers shirt geweldig!


  14. Echt super mooie foto's!!!!
    Ik volg je nu ook en ik ben al een grote fan!

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