Sunday, 1 December 2013

Designer Outlet Roermond

Hello! I am in the middle of a weekend of studying and sobbing in cups of coffee (praise the lord for caffeine) Maths is hard, you guys, but I really wanted to post this before Monday when my exams officially start. Last Friday I had the opportunity to visit Designer Outlet Roermond with some other bloggers (Jonas, Paulien, Elien, Yara & Joyce).
We were welcomed by the very sweet Yolanda and she showed us around the little village (so many pretty shops!). We had a nice cup of coffee together before we got our gift receives and went totally wild. (Sorry for the weird quality of this photo, I have no idea what went wrong)
wearing American Apparel striped crop top, girl scout patch that I scored on eBay, denim dungarees are vintage L.L Bean (again), Falke opaque tights, Happy socks and vintage granny lace up boots via Etsy
Prada fitting rooms (I am pretty sure that the whole store is made out of angel dust and unicorn tears). We weren't allowed to take any photo's of the products but believe me the shop (that was recently renovated and is now two times bigger than before) is beautiful and you can score great bargains!
Yara rocking her fluffy beanie & Rika Iron Girl sweater.
Elien and Paulien excited over their Mulberry purchases!
The decor was so christmas-y and made me feel like I was in a Grimm fairytale/German idyllic village/Shortbreadhouse aka what dreams are made of. I mean a carousel and a 19m high Christmas tree!
Paulien showing of the process of buying a designer bag in gif form.
Some of our bags (spoiled brat alert)
And I, dear people of the internet, got this beautiful Prada checkered sleeveless collared shirt. I am really into lines right now (proof) and I am just so happy with this beauty! I am a bit scared to wear it because it is so fancy and I basically dress in one euro frocks. But once I get over the fanciness I will probably wear the life out of it. I also bought a red/blue striped sweater and blue knitted beanie from Fred Perry and two Bodyshop bodybutters and lipbalm. And I can't express how happy I am with my purchases.

Thank you so much Yolanda and everyone at Designer Outlet Roermond. I had a really good time and I would definitely recommend visiting it when you are around.

Love & wish me luck for my exams,


  1. Hehe, da gif'ke is zalig :)!! En ja, heel schoon hemdje!

  2. Such a lovely post, beautiful photographs. So jealous of all your purchases! x

  3. oh mijn god! ik woon echt super dicht bij roermond en ik wist er niks van :0 en dat prada topje is echt geweldig ahhh

  4. this is so beautiful omg


  5. Good luck with your exams, your pictures are so lovely!

  6. leuk bloesje dat onderste!

  7. Wow cool shirt <3 Love the gif process too haha xo