Sunday, 19 January 2014

winter faves

Hi! So this post is a compilation off all the things I have been wearing  lately. I find dressing for winter weather pretty difficult because I always feel like just throwing on a pair of highwaisted jeans shorts and a random striped shirt and then I go out and  realise that it is 5 degrees °C outside. But I am actually also fond of wearing sweaters and long sleeved blouses in the summer so it is probably just my inner self that is just not in sync with season changes. 

(sorry for the weird photo quality there is something wrong with my camera. I am still figuring out what the problem is)
- Green (it looks aquamarine on this photo ew I hate digital photography) vintage turtle neck sweater that I      got for one euro last Wednesday at a vintage store. 
- Dark blue vintage bird sweater. I have been living in this sweater (I am actually wearing it as I write this) and  it is comfy and perfect as well as oversized.
- Black and white striped crop top from American Apparel (nicked from my sister). I used to wear this top under my  dungarees all the time and now I just wear it under my sweaters because it is so soft and such a great basic.   I also own the red/white oversized version of this top and I love them both so much.

A small gold necklace has been on my wishlist for a while so 
I was really happy when I found this heart shaped one!
- Red Adidas sneakers via Zalando: I bought these for working out because I didn't have any proper sport shoes but now I just wear them all the time because I think they look so cool underneath a skirt with collared shirt. So now they are my everyday kicks (and also my sport shoes but sssht don't tell my PE). 
- Black and white Zara Loafers: My vintage loafers were literally falling apart so I needed to buy these.
- Black Chelsea Boots c/o Fred De La Bretoniere: The people behind FDLB were nice enough to let me pick out a pair of shoes in September and I chose these beauties. They are a bit worn out right now which is a good thing because in my opinion brand new clean shoes are the most awkward thing ever.
I finally bought a Kanken! You'll probably see this baby a lot here in the future because I think it is absolutely perfect and I love it with all my heart.



  1. Zo'n coole spullen! Ik hou echt van de Kanken. X

  2. So cute <3 Love your Kanken - I have my eye on the yellow one! xo

  3. Ibe I love your jumpers/top/bag! You have such a good blog and a really great style; I'm quite envious! x

  4. I'm from Cali so I'm still gaping over 5 degree C winter weather. Sounds a bit harsh -- I'd live in a snug sweater, too!

  5. Love your clothes/bag/shoes, I'm very jealous right now!

  6. You have such beautiful taste! I would steal every one of these lovelies...

  7. Really want a basic top like your striped one!

  8. Heel leuke blog! Ik zag je artikel ook in de krant, knap!! Proficiat! :) Ik ben ook net een blog begonnen, wil je misschien eens een kijkje nemen? Tips zijn ook altijd fijn! :)

    xx Eva

  9. These clothes are awesome, love the quirky combination. And cool blog too..

  10. Perfect post.

  11. Die Zara loafers zijn super mooi! x