Saturday, 6 September 2014

cacti baby // outfit

Hello! A post with less than two months in between, now that's pretty impressive.
Today I have an outfit for you guys. It's been a while so I decided to get together with Joppe in the last week of August to take some photo's. My outfit is surprisingly simple for me but oh well.

photo's & editing by Joppe
c/o Oasap Paisley shirt // Vintage earrings // American Apparel sweater
Brandy Melville crystal necklace // Monki high waisted trousers // Vintage belt
c/o Oasap eye ring // second hand Adidas sneakers // Titi + The German Kid tote bag

I am so in love with this shirt from Oasap, I've been the number one fan of paisley for a really long time and although it is a little bit too bohemian for my style I think this will be a piece that I can get a lot of wear out. Also trousers huh??? I bought the Monki pair in Stockholm and I actually bought it 3 sizes too big so it doesn't fit me that well but I am still happy I got them. So yes pants are back in my dictionary woohoo! Also this tote bag! Best thing ever maybe? Biggie, Bob, David & Mick on one bag yes please! I've been wearing this tote non stop (using it as a school bag right now) and I can't get enough of it. Ah Titi you little genius (tempted to get this sweater from her new collection. Do tell me what you think of it in the comments below)

On a completely different note: I got tickets for Alt-J's concert in Belgium in February and I am so excited!



  1. Love your outfit ibe! I love alt-j so much omg I can't wait for their new album to come out, have you heard it? xx

  2. You are so lovely Ibe! And I did like your outfit a lot :---)

  3. Super cute ensemble. :) I love your little collar.

  4. Alt J are so dreamy and ur outfit is so fabb ~~

  5. I love this outfit! Simple but still so vintage and stylish! I love your posts Ibe <3

  6. I love that bag so much!!! <3

  7. Iep, die schoenen! Ik ben er al op zoek naar since forever, die ketting is ook gewoon super!
    xo Mad Cats

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