Sunday, 20 January 2013

be mine

So hello. School started again but I've been ill the whole week and today was the first day that I dressed myself again (my father's way-to-big pyjama pants don't count). It's been a while since I last did an outfit post but I promise to blog more frequently and include more outfits. But because I don't have a tripod (five dictonaries on a chair don't count) 
that promise is kind of hard. Whatever.. so the credits for the pics go once more to one of my sisters.
What a wonderful face pose aka justpuchonthatfrigginbuttoniamfreezingmynoseisredhelp.

I wore this to the movies to watch Life of Pi for the second time. 
The first time I watched it with school and I actually didn't want to see it 
(because the trailer is so bad ugh and shitty and only focuses on the drama part so never watch the trailer!) But boy was I wrong! It is such a great movie and story and you should absolutely go an see it! 
So the outfit details: random plastic bunny and flower barretes,
white fluffy hairy sweater is vintage. I wanted one for so long (and still searching for a black version). 
Be mine patch from troopmore on ebay. Vintage dress worn as skirt. 
Random white panty. Happy Socks that I borrowed from my sister.
Vintage loafers, wearing these in the snow wasn't my best idea.

 And I bought this huge huge huge vintage faux fur teddy bear coat for only twelve euros!
It is perfect and I will need to wear it a lot with the snow.
It still smells like old Russian ladies, the smoke of long filter cigarettes and sunday morning operas.
When I put it on  I feel like Anastasia.
Actually, my dad always tells me that I am the last Romanov and that he adopted me to protect me from the bad guys in the Kremlin. And of course that makes sense because  I can curse fluently in Russian ( "you *** cow", something with "korova",ah the joy of having a class mate that is 50% Russian) and it also explains why I used to be so obsessed with the Disney Anastasia as a child. And why I look the way I look, duh. 
Totes a Romanov!

Closer look to see the barretes and patch.
 My latest instagram pictures (follow me @ibethecatlady).
From left to right: I braided my sisters hair for christmas, some christmas presents
New crown, cut my bangs again and watercolor set.
Building Stories from Chris Ware. Yes that book that I asked for on my christmas wishlist!
It is so good, my miu miu's and new glitter shoes from American Apparel and my vintage loafers,
my mom's old stationary that I found (big post about it coming up).

Also this blog has almost 200 followers (2 to go!) and I will post a very special really awkward
playback video on Taylor Swift to celebrate that later! Ok what am I doing. Whatever.