Monday, 29 April 2013

three years i guess

So today is the third anniversary of this blog. Three years. 
That is kind of long I guess, comparatively speaking. And I feel weirdly nostalgic. 
It feels odd to look back at the stuff that I wrote three years ago and face the evolution. 
Looking back in retrospect on all the phases that I've been trough aesthetically  feels really weird and a little narcissistic. There's the  exclusively-red-and-big-glasses fase, the faux fifties petticoat period, there's when I pretended to be a flowerchild and when I was really into pastels,
It's surreal to realize that, ten years  from now, 
I'll look back at this blog too and read all the embarrassing things that I am writing right now. 
But embarrassing or not, I like having my thoughts, pictures, music and inspiration close to me.
And this blog brought me to so many nice places and  gave me 
the occasion to meet so many new interesting, sweet and amazing people. 
So happy birthday to me and you I guess and to many new years and birthdays. 
In the meantime, here is a playlist that I made after reading Weetzie Bat. 
It leaves me wishing for summer so badly.


Thursday, 25 April 2013

boys don't cry

School has started again but it has been a surprisingly good week! And not only because it was my birthday last Sunday (as every year I was way too excited for the big day ) but also because it was nice to see all my friends back. And what also helped, was the FW13 press days were on Thursday. I went with Astrid from Thank God It's Fashion and Jonas from YUNES  
So here goes the XXL report of the favorite things that I saw.
Starting with my favorite thing (ok..person whatever forever) JONAS
Who was just like me moaning about the deplorable state of public transport in this country and he has basically been the groolest, sweetest and funniest person ever.
PART ONE: Marnix & Ally
Look at all these amazing jewels! The ring and necklace are from Just Julia
and the arrow bracelet  is from the Sofie Valkiers for Diamanti Per Tutti. My other bling is really expensive
limited edition Cartier (ugh ugh not really H&M children department jewellery ugh ugh)
Kennel & Schmenger. A loafer with a beaded spider on it aka Wednesday Addams inspiration?
Thank you. Just what I needed.
Leather Lunch bag by Marie Turnor via Baroness O.
I already featured O My Bag in my Christmas wishlist. And I am literally still in love with their bags.
They are big and roomy but still pretty and they are fair trade I mean it can't get better then that right?
PART TWO: Media Mania
HOW CUTE IS THIS JULIA JUNE JACKET?! (Caps are totally necessary).
This was one of my absolutely favorite pieces that I saw. 
It reminds me of that whole fifties diva aesthetics and ah it was so soft and I wish it was mine.  

Pinko Creepers and Pinko for Ethiopia sweaters.
Dolce & Gabbana glasses. ZOMG. Flowers and cat eye glasses and pastels.
Let me love u sweet sweet sunglasses.
More awesome glasses.
All the glasses are Dolce & Gabanna except the second ones, those are from Miu Miu.
Esprit skirt.
PART THREE: Comprendo
Comprendo PR had the best music/interior thing going on.
Lavender fuzzy sweater by Patrizia Pepe.
Really cute swirly long sleeved dress by Orla Kiely via Manufactuur.
You can'treally see the swirlyness/perfectness but believe me it is so pretty.
More Orla Kiely print perfection.
Can we please take a minute to appreciate the new fw13 TITI + THE GERMAN KID collection?
A shirt with David Bowie and Bob Dylan, YES PLEASE.

So this collection is even becoming better. 
White music note cropped sweater, aka everything I always wanted in my life.
Cool bits and bobs.
Lipstick mirror writing at Chantelle.
Tapestryish skirt from Stills. This skirt. SERIOUSLY.

god this was a lot of work.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

banana split

I am so motivated to blog right now! Enjoying a flashback to my early blogger dayzzzz.
Ok so today I tried (TRIED) to clean my room. And that's a full time job. 
I also took some outfit pictures today!
Vintage shirt with race car print (you can only see the collar), vintage white with gold sweater,
animal farm print vintage skirt (bought it for one euro), random tights, 
vintage mary janes (bought them for only three euros) 
vintage earrings, white rosary is from a little church shop in France, Stevie Nicks cameo is from this etsy shop, the eye necklace is from Jutka&Riska  and the brown rosary is a gift from my granny.
Catholic bracelet from the joke shop, golden ring was a gift from an old lady, random gem sticker,
and I bought the crystal ring at a blogger closet sale.
When I was cleaning my room I also found my Yashica camera. My granny gave it to me two years ago. I tried it but it is broken. But it wasn't completely useless: I dfound out that you can actually shoot pictures through the camera lens. 
They turned out kind of pretty and dreamy and hazy (which is a good thing)
 Skirt print close-up
 My little sister Lotta in her room with her giant pillow dog
 Selfies for ever.
 Lotta took this of me and I really like this picture because when you look closer you can see that I have a third eye. OOOH CREEPY ALIEN GURL.

I am feeling the summer vibes! And I am basically pretending all day that I live in this video:

Also this Prada Candy short movie by Wes Anderson


sorry for this shitty post
-Love Ibe-
PS: It would be great if you nominated me for the weekend knack blogger awards

Monday, 1 April 2013

after the glitter fades

SPRING BREAK IS HERE YES AHA. I am back from Normandy (which was so much fun but the food was the worst and it was so cold but it was still awesome) and am now ready TO ROCK THIS SPRING BREAK. Can you see that I am excited? I am going to write letters, work in my diary, blog, go to Antwerp, have slumber parties, decorate my room, craft non stop for two weeks. I also got some film developed from this winter and from Normandy. The film from this winter didn't came out that well, but i used the flash more for the Normandy film they came out really great. Here are some of them:
virgin mary all written over, in the church of Bayeux (Normandy)
On the road to Normandy
Me and my boyfriend (Normandy)
Pretty car that I saw on the road to France, gone skiing
 Again the church of Bayeux (Normandy)
 Random Carnival on the pier (Normandy)

Alice in a sewing store from when I went to Antwerp
 Again church of Bayeux (Normandy)
 Point du Hoc (Normandy)
Fien&Zoe (Normandy)
Zoe (Normandy)
 New years eve
Parel (Normandy)
 Witchy ritual on new years eve aka burning the left over thai food
 Pretty car on the road to France, skiing trip
Fien (Normandy)
My sister Flo (click that link!) 
Louvre, Paris
 Zoe, the birthday girl with the cake that Parel baked (Normandy)
 Wow that were lots of photo's. Sorry. It felt right to show them here. They are very personal.
But I don't know, I just really don't want to be one of these cardboard fashion bloggers who always
look perfect with a full fashionable designer outfit and flawless make up. Because that is just not who I am. 
I am thirteen (fourteen in twenty days OH YES SEND ME BIRTHDAY PRESENTS). 
And I also have a normal teenager life, sometimes I skip a day of school for a blogger event but most of the time I am in school trying to understand what my Maths teacher says. 
And after school I am not having diner and cocktails with a fancy designer or journalist or make up artist,
I am home at my desk studying for a test and chatting with my friend on facebook and making stupid selfies.
Ok just wanted to say that. Also I decided that this spring break I will make more different posts.
Because normally my blogposts are a really long hodgepodge of different subjects. 
And this springbreak I have more time, so they will be more specific, if you know what I mean.

-Love Ibe-