Sunday, 9 June 2013

the flower people

So hi! I am kind of embarassed writing this because it has been more than a month since I last posted here.
I have been so busy with school and social life and stuff. With my finals coming up I had to 'apply myself to studying'. Finals start this Tuesday. I am totally freaking out and I realy have been studying a lot. But there was still some time for cool stuff this month! Like going to a Lana Del Rey concert and that was magical. And everyone who ever said that she is fake/stupid/a bad live singer, please close this tab and go away. LANA RULES THIS WORLD.
And then there was my birthday party! We went swimming in an old cut-off bend of the river behind my house and we had strawberries and danced and sang Fleetwood Mac lyrics, tie dyed shirts and talked till 3 am. I have somme really cool disposable pictures but I sent them to Rookie and I am waiting for an answer before posting them here. Also, Friday was my last day at school and lots of my friends intend to change schools so it was kind of weird and emotional (because I am a sentimental loser). It was all pretty exhausting so the only thing I really wanted to do when I got back from school was watch Harry Potter. And then to say I only started watching the Potters last month! It is insane I know! But now I am so obsessed with the movies and I am going to read all the books this summer. I still need to watch The Deadly Hallows part 1 & 2 but I am waiting till my exams are over because I know that I will get really emotional and stufffff. Ok so this post is the big summer vibezzz 2013 post and I did loads of scans and I've been really neurotic (again) and arranged everything on color.

 Basically pale blue/grey/white/green/water. Stevie Nicks on the cover of Rolling Stone, Ward Roberts,
Elle Fanning in Somewhere and unknown.
More vivid colors. Bubbles by Eleanor Hardwick and Jill Stuart Resort 14'
Ghost World for the typography and for the blues/pinks/whites
and for all the thing that I wrote on the list above (neurotic I said it)
Scan that I did from an old encyclopedia and Ghost World again. 
For the blue sky and the contrast between the blue and white. 
More scans. The first one is a drawing by Olle Eksell 
and the second one is from a book about 60's advertisement
Pastel prints (oh oh neurotic all the way) everything is vintage.
Patsel pics from my instagram from left to right: 
my copy of the Weetzie Bat books, Myrte's pastel pink palladiums and my saddles shoes that I got as a birthday present, a picture of me when we went swimming during our lunchbreak,
a picture that I took last summer and which reminds me of the Jill Stuart two piece above.

And this video sums up all the pastel cute vibes. Can my summer be like this please?

For the similar pink/yellow/blues. Mary Blair, Talia Chetrit and  a scan that I did from a book about sixties advertising in Japan (it is the best thing ever I swear)
For the bright colors (especially the blue which is one of my favorite colors) and the cool typography.
Birgitte Bardot and drawing for Rookie by Esme.
Scan from the sixties book (the letters reminded me of the Rookie drawing above) and unknown
Disneyland (I don't know which one) and I think it was inspired by Mary Blair 
and this is actaully my iPhone (yeah now I really am a fancy fashun blogger) case! 
Bram from Ghent Streetstyle and Fotocover was kind enough to make and send to me. 
Seriously if you want a case with your own photo you should totally vist the site.
Here you can see mine in full action also note my nails which my dad painted COOL DAD ALERT (and Dad, I know you will see this but seriously don't get overconfident)
and scan  from the Japanese book.
More scans from the books named above. Scanner + Ibe = BESTIEZ FOR EVER
Clothes matching my technicolor vibes everything is vintage except the red gingham dress that I bought in a random shop in Barcelona and the black and white gingham shirt was a gift from Hollie.
Technicolor Instagram pictures from left to ride: Reading Submarine and it is really good, 
tie dying at my birthday party, finishing my moodboard for my my year project and my saddle shoes again and my dress matching Fien's really pretty bike.

For the oranges: Tavi Gevionson by Petra Collins, Mary Blair (again) and scan from that 60's book.
For the browns: The Red Woods (I guess?), scan and unknown.
For the general 70's coolness: Pamela De Barres and weird 70's book.
Prints for this one. Everything is vintage.
Brown Psychedelia inspired Instagram pictures from left to right: Pizza that we ordered (we actually managed to get the pizzas delivered at school because we are cool badasses) to celebrate the last day of school, stuff to put on my wall and happy socks,
being an insane Fleetwood Mac fangirl (got the big Rumours collection for my birthday) and more happy socks and me wearing jeans (ZOMG ZOMG but I was studying so it doesn't count).

This song goes perfectly with the whole aesthetics and is also one of my all time favorites.

This will basically be my soundtrack this summer. The Ronettes, The Beatles biggest hits, The Beach Boys (which I got from Myrte), The Fleetwood Mac Rumours collection box (which I mentioned above) and the Mary Poppins story read in French with the songs (literally the best thing ever made).
All my notebooks ready to be used at it fullest. Composition book from the euro shop,
The Neil Armstrong and the building one are from the thrift store, the one with the flower print is an old school book from my mother and the book ones I bought in my local library when they were
cleaning out the books and I payed 2 euros for them.

So wow this was a big post with lots of pictures. I am taking a two weeks blogging break now because of my finals. After that, I'll have summer break and will be posting more! The weekend after my finals I am going to try to do a big post about all the cool new stuff that I bought and got. (cuz I wanna make you jealous uhm but then again who should be jealous of me as I am a weird loser BUT A COOL ONE)