Friday, 26 July 2013

wild horses

So it is almost 1 am and  well here is the person who said: I am going to post so much this summer vacation, really like so so so much. Totally failed. But it has nevertheless been a productive summer so far! I already developed two disposable camera rolls and I am halfway a third one. I really wanted to make a post before leaving for England in two days. Some of these disposable pictures  were picked up by Pulp Zine so I thought it would be nice to post them here along with some other
 My saddle shoes
Fien, Zoe & Aster changing shoes because heels are hell

 Me being the happiest kid ever with my new records
 Botanical garden in Amsterdam
 Botanical garden in Amsterdam
 Me being a rebel with temporary tattoos
 I actually don't really know what I am doing here
 Myrte being pretty as always whilts posing for a random caravan. We kind of pretended being residents of that trailer park so we could use the bathrooms and take pictures in front of weird old trailers. 
Ugh teenage kicks.
Yes I basically live in my dungarees

 Myrte again
 This one was taken at my birthday party way back in May.
 Zoe at my birthday party
 Fien at my birthday party
 Again Fien & Zoe at my birthday party
 Tie dying
Parel at this weird candy shop thingy

Ok I agree this is a kind of shitty and stupid post but I promise that there are really cool posts coming up. I think I might write a post about all the cool stuff that I got from even cooler people and I will also meet up with some people in London and do lots of stuff so you will read more about that in three weeks. And there are also some amazing secret project coming up so stay tuned and until then you can always follow me on instagram @iberossel (SELF PROMOTION YES FOREVER TOTALLY SHAMELESS)


Saturday, 6 July 2013

running out of ideas for blog titles so let's agree on calling it an outfit post

Hello internet people and other weird creatures! (note: trying a less awkward intro for my blog posts and failing at it). So my summer vacation started and  exams are over, and everything went ok. My vacation started really good and I did some fun stuff with friends but I am basically too lazy to blog about it and anyhow one ought not discuss social life on this thing that people call a blog.
(I gave up on posing/making my face look normal)
T-shirt is vintage via Think Twice, jeans dress dungaree is from Urban Outfitters, Be Mine patch is from ebay, Thrifted bag with some random belt that I used as a strap, I stole the white socks from my little sister and my loafers are also vintage and completely worn out (insert sad music right here)
Closer look at my bag and my bad ass fake tattoo. I am getting the impression that I am dressing way less exuberant since some months/year. I mean I am still wearing flower crowns and children backpacks but it seems like my extremely weird dressing habit is fading away. There were times when I wore six skirts over each other and topped the ensemble off with gigantic fake glasses. This probably has something to do with me growing up and going trough lots of different phases but also with the fact that I discovered the bliss  called comfort (lol just kidding wearing  loafers two sizes too small in this picture). No I just really don't feel like wearing that kind of stuff. So  the dungarees are staying, non stop, at least for the remainder of the  summer because oh my god they are the most practical thing I have ever owned in my life (still loving you automatic coffee machine will never forget u.) You just throw it over a t-shirt or a sweater or I don't know what and it looks alright. Also you can bike in this! I swear, never try to ride in a small sixties printed dress. NEVER EVER.

Messy bun, cat eyes, strong brows and tired eyes have basically been my summer look. So I wore this outfit yesterday for the opening of the Baroness O pop up shop! Which you totally should visit if you live near Ghent (but I honestly don't know if it will still be open when this is posted. UNPROFESSIONAL). Because they sell Kankens from FjÀllraven and if I had money I would totally buy three of them in different colors and those would make the perfect schoolbag. Also thank you Jonas for taking these pictures and buying me sushi and miso soup and basically for being a sassy diva as always. Oh and here are my latest instagram pictures.
 Tattoos, page in my diary, Marie's bathroom and some roses that I found in my garden
 Text that I copied from a record in my diary and some of my jewelry, a selfie, my really rad space shoes that I made with black acrylic paint and a webcam selfie from an outfit of yesteryears before.
Jonas & me on the tram, bought loads of new records including this one from Patti Smith, more tattoos and I saw The Bling Ring which is amazing!