Saturday, 24 August 2013

you look like you've been for breakfast at the heartbreak hotel

Hello lovely people of the internet! So it has been a while again. We've been to England for two weeks and I had the time of my life (especially the five days in London where I met up with some of the most amazing internet people ever, I am working on a travel diary for this blog and I think that will get online next week or something). But I kind of wanted to make a life update before I post the article about my trip.
And I know that this blog has been one big life update lately and I am sorry but I literally don't have the time to be one of those bloggers who update everyday and who are really professional.
I am fourteen okay. Just a little friendly reminder (:
Okay so a life update!

I have been back home for a week or so  and that week was almost entirely spent with catching up with friends.  We did a little camping trip with Fien, Zoe and Parel (go follow her on instagram @parelcoone) which was so much fun! Zoe & I both took some disposables and we will see how those turn out.
I also have been reading a lot (but not as much as usual) and my most favorite book this summer is by far 'The Outsiders' by S.E Hinton. After finishing it I totally wanted to see the movie and I did. And I swear I am like totally obsessed with it, it is so so so good. I was crying at the ending of the book and aaahg the 'Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold' part literally broke my heart.
I just love them all so much (but Steve and Darry less than the others). I made a lot screenshots for my fall vibes so you will see more on The Outisders later. Also it is so cool that this book is written by a 16 (at that time of course) year old girl and actually got a lot of recognition! Going from The Outsiders to the Arctic Monkeys feels like a totally fluent and natural movie because I reckon that Alex Turner could well be grown up Ponyboy Curtis. Don't tell me that the age can't be right.

I have been listening to 'Do I wanna know?' a lot when it first came out last June. It is really good and Alex is a dream (and because I have the tendency to obsess over songs during the exam period aka June. I don't know why but it is just something that I do a lot). But it was still like a normal obsession. Like listening to it max once a day. But when 'Why'd you only call me when you're high' came out I switched to full fan-girl mode. And re-watching Submarine (Alex Turner did the whole soundtrack) didn't make it any better. So I decided to buy some plain white tees and transfer paper and make my own Arctic Monkeys t-shirt (yes I know that I should buy an official one but I really don't have the money and I also wanted some lyrics on it)
Arctic Monkeys shirt with lyrics from Piledriver Waltz and one with you're disgusting on it.
 My t-shirt collection benefited a lot from the summer holidays. From left to right:
yellow shirt with car print is from a vintage shop in Brighton and was only one pound, the pink one with the merry-go-round horse is also from a vintage shop in Brighton, my mother bought the red monchichi shirt at a vintage market in Berlin and the yellow third planet (it is an old advertisement shirt from a sci fi store in texas) is also from Brighton (Brighton is like literally vintage tee heaven).
I also traded this amazing backpack with Pearl. It used to be her mum's and I just love it so much. It is roomy enough to fit in all my sleepover stuff/school shit/digital camera and three notebook and ten tubes of glitter and two disposable cameras and a bag of cherries aka everything I need.
Here is a better look at the shoes that I made at the beginning of this summer. I love how they are now covered in dirt and like ~summer memoriezzz~ and stuff.
I also got these three cuties. And as always my latest instagram photos (i am so addicted it is insane).
 From left to right: Silke eating watermelon, me wearing my Disgusting shirt and exposing a messy head of hair, a portrait by the amazing Polina (@velvetrainbow on instagram) and Myrte with the mix cd that I made her.
 Flea market finds (YES Tango In The Night vinyl for five euros I am so happy), photo of me camping with Fien, Zoe and Parel; Fien's and mine airbrush tattoos, Fien and Zoe camping.
Fien's cat Lola, messy hair in the public camping showers Myrte, A slushee
Stuff I bought in Amsterdam, yours sincerely in the Horta greenhouse in Amsterdam, 
Again in Horta, Stephen Gill exhibition at FOAM.