Press & writing

Vogue Uk frontrow (not sure if this link still works)
Flair (in print)
Laatse Nieuws & De Standaard Magazine
(in print)
Flair (in print & online)
Nieuwsblad (in print & online)
Nina Magazine (in print)
Joepie (in print)
Sjiek (Belang van Limburg bijlage) (in print)
& there are some other awkward tv interviews but they are too cringey

Things I wrote in Dutch:
A make-up rant (Teenkicks)
Summer photo diary (Teenkicks)
Best Belgian bands (Teenkicks)
Botsing (again in print still need to scan)

Things I wrote in English:
Diary (Outsider Zine)
Sam Weir bitchface tutorial (Outsider Zine)
Halloween costume guide (The Pulp Zine)
Summer photo diary pt 1 (The Pulp Zine)
Summer photo diary pt 2 (The Pulp Zine)
Guest post on The Daily Sass (Caelan is the coolest)

And sometimes I post some artwork/photography

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