Tuesday, 2 April 2013

banana split

I am so motivated to blog right now! Enjoying a flashback to my early blogger dayzzzz.
Ok so today I tried (TRIED) to clean my room. And that's a full time job. 
I also took some outfit pictures today!
Vintage shirt with race car print (you can only see the collar), vintage white with gold sweater,
animal farm print vintage skirt (bought it for one euro), random tights, 
vintage mary janes (bought them for only three euros) 
vintage earrings, white rosary is from a little church shop in France, Stevie Nicks cameo is from this etsy shop, the eye necklace is from Jutka&Riska  and the brown rosary is a gift from my granny.
Catholic bracelet from the joke shop, golden ring was a gift from an old lady, random gem sticker,
and I bought the crystal ring at a blogger closet sale.
When I was cleaning my room I also found my Yashica camera. My granny gave it to me two years ago. I tried it but it is broken. But it wasn't completely useless: I dfound out that you can actually shoot pictures through the camera lens. 
They turned out kind of pretty and dreamy and hazy (which is a good thing)
 Skirt print close-up
 My little sister Lotta in her room with her giant pillow dog
 Selfies for ever.
 Lotta took this of me and I really like this picture because when you look closer you can see that I have a third eye. OOOH CREEPY ALIEN GURL.

I am feeling the summer vibes! And I am basically pretending all day that I live in this video:

Also this Prada Candy short movie by Wes Anderson


sorry for this shitty post
-Love Ibe-
PS: It would be great if you nominated me for the weekend knack blogger awards


  1. naw you are so awesome and cool. and your style is incredibly amazing. i love it.


    PS: sent your letter today! the lady in the post office was really mean!!

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  3. I've just discovered your blog it's absolutely wonderful, and your style is so cool x

  4. yr style is fab (◕‿◕✿)

  5. You, girl, have a great style. (and the Prada commercial is like the best thing I've ever seen). Have a lovely weekend ^^

  6. It is actually insane how much your blog inspires me like I was just stressing about what to wear tomorrow and now i have loads of ideas so thank you <3 i love your hair and lipstick and the pictures kind of remind me of some of the press shots for the virgin suicides? and the scene with lux and trip on the playing field? yep <3<3<3

  7. your style is absolutely amazing. every one of your posts is so inspiring! Xx


  8. omg grrl u r the kewtest i luv yr styleee (◕‿‿◕✿) sorry for being a poop on instagram yay yr blog is available now
    i absolutely love yr sweater and jewellery <33

  9. I love all your jewellery and I can't believe I have never seen that ad by Wes before! So much appreciation x

  10. whoa you look like some gypsy princess <3

  11. I'm actually obsessed with that sweater.

    <3 Melissa

  12. Oh my god, your third eye is so cool and magical!! I love your rings and bracelets, the catholic one is amazing, I really want to go buy one now!!