Sunday, 20 January 2013

be mine

So hello. School started again but I've been ill the whole week and today was the first day that I dressed myself again (my father's way-to-big pyjama pants don't count). It's been a while since I last did an outfit post but I promise to blog more frequently and include more outfits. But because I don't have a tripod (five dictonaries on a chair don't count) 
that promise is kind of hard. Whatever.. so the credits for the pics go once more to one of my sisters.
What a wonderful face pose aka justpuchonthatfrigginbuttoniamfreezingmynoseisredhelp.

I wore this to the movies to watch Life of Pi for the second time. 
The first time I watched it with school and I actually didn't want to see it 
(because the trailer is so bad ugh and shitty and only focuses on the drama part so never watch the trailer!) But boy was I wrong! It is such a great movie and story and you should absolutely go an see it! 
So the outfit details: random plastic bunny and flower barretes,
white fluffy hairy sweater is vintage. I wanted one for so long (and still searching for a black version). 
Be mine patch from troopmore on ebay. Vintage dress worn as skirt. 
Random white panty. Happy Socks that I borrowed from my sister.
Vintage loafers, wearing these in the snow wasn't my best idea.

 And I bought this huge huge huge vintage faux fur teddy bear coat for only twelve euros!
It is perfect and I will need to wear it a lot with the snow.
It still smells like old Russian ladies, the smoke of long filter cigarettes and sunday morning operas.
When I put it on  I feel like Anastasia.
Actually, my dad always tells me that I am the last Romanov and that he adopted me to protect me from the bad guys in the Kremlin. And of course that makes sense because  I can curse fluently in Russian ( "you *** cow", something with "korova",ah the joy of having a class mate that is 50% Russian) and it also explains why I used to be so obsessed with the Disney Anastasia as a child. And why I look the way I look, duh. 
Totes a Romanov!

Closer look to see the barretes and patch.
 My latest instagram pictures (follow me @ibethecatlady).
From left to right: I braided my sisters hair for christmas, some christmas presents
New crown, cut my bangs again and watercolor set.
Building Stories from Chris Ware. Yes that book that I asked for on my christmas wishlist!
It is so good, my miu miu's and new glitter shoes from American Apparel and my vintage loafers,
my mom's old stationary that I found (big post about it coming up).

Also this blog has almost 200 followers (2 to go!) and I will post a very special really awkward
playback video on Taylor Swift to celebrate that later! Ok what am I doing. Whatever.



  1. Love your outfit! And your instagram photos are such a refreshing change from the pouty selfies most people I know seem to specialize in!

  2. omg giiirl ik heb PRECIES dezelfde jas OOK voor 12 euro gekocht in een kringloopwinkel, EN ik was als kind echt geobsedeerd door Anastasia. Ik heb elk boek over die chick gelezen en ik wou altijd dat ik haar was :( maar ik heb geen blauwe ogen! De Romanovs hadden heel mooie blauwe ogen :(

    1. ah ze is zo warm ♥. Ik weet het! Anders zou mijn verhaal gewoon helemaal waterdicht zijn! haha! xx

  3. I love the coat! I want one! Especially as I really need to channel intriguing Russian-like stories to get me through the fact that it is snowing, when the weather should be getting warmer and I have no excuse to get a lift to school, grrrr. The sweater is also great!

  4. Omg, I love the coat! It's so perfect. omg

  5. I just saw life of pi last night ! I really like your hairdo :)

  6. xcdvbgnjm,kl!


    Ugh and I kinda love this russian cigarettes smell (god I'm weird).
    And I love your outfit so much. and your blog and your accesoires. <33

  7. Such a cool skirt. and I haven't seen life of pi yet i really should!

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