Saturday, 30 August 2014

Summer '14

Hello! So here I am once more.. three  months later. Do you remember the times when I  used to blog every other day? No, me neither. Oh well this only means that my "more-time-for-blogging-this-summer-plan" didn't work out well. But I had an amazing summer anyway. And today I feel like giving you a little update of all things done for the past months!

#1 I went to Rock Werchter and finally got to see the Arctic Monkeys live!!

After wanting to go, waiting to buy tickets, waiting until the tickets were sold out, regretting not having bought tickets, wishing she was there EVERY year... Ibe finally made it to Rock Werchter! Admittedly for only one day but hey it's a start, isn't it?
I opted for Friday mainly because of the Arctic Monkeys (yeah I know don't make me apologize for the big fan girl factor). And the fact that the 1975 was playing the same day was a nice extra. I ended up seeing The 1975, Trixie Whitley, Parov Stellar (who where so good live wow), bits of Crystal Fighters and The Strypes, Arctic Monkeys (!!!) and Major Lazer (which was crazy). One of those really great days.

#2 I vacationed in Stockholm

I went to Stockholm with my family for a week or so and  what an incredibly beautiful city this is. I absolutely loved everything about it. It is completely surrounded by water (which is crystal clean and fit for swimming almost everywhere)  The old buildings are so lovely and the people are so nice! I definitely want to go back soon.

 Gamla Stan

#3 I got really into Peace

I think I first heard about Peace when someone sent  me a message on Tumblr to check them out and I listened to one song, liked it and then forgot about them. But then after three months I saw someone posting a link to the Bloodshake video and I fell in love. I swear Bloodshake has been my jam this summer. And Money and Get Lost On Me and Flirtin USA and Follow Baby and basically every song they have ever made. Keeping my fingers crossed for a gig in Belgium!

#4 I spent some time with Marie in upstate Maine

So yeah I went to this little town in Maine with Marie to visit her family and I stayed there for 16 days I think. To be honest it was a very mixed experience for me mainly because I was really homesick which was something new for me. I guess it was just being on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in a very peaceful and beautiful place but with not that much to do, out of sync with my other friends and my family. Honestly, that was kind of hard on me.  We shared some great  moments on the lake and in the woods though and the reunion with my friends and family was the best!

 Marie on  the boat
 The sun going down above the lake
Marie in her bunk at our camp

#5  I celebrated the Summer

Printscreen of my Instagram end of June/July/Augustus. It's been so good! There were some great parties and beautiful evenings and good talks and a lot of laughter and I am going to stop here because this is getting way too cheesy for me. But anyway I do hope you had a great summer as well!



  1. Oh i've been waiting for a new post for so long. And Stockholm is definitely one of my dream destinations

  2. Looks like you had a great summer! Arctic Monkeys are soooo good live and Stockholm seems like a beautiful city x

  3. Peace are my favourite band in the whole wide world urgh glad you like them! Theyre so worth seeing live <3

  4. Your summer looks so freaking cool! I wish I could have seen the Arctic Monkeys live, I love them! ❤️

  5. Your summer looks like a lot of fun- soo wish i could've seen Arctic Monkeys when they came to Chicago. Also: i've been listening to Peace a bit too and one of my favorites is "Lost on Me" partly because of the genius and humor of the video.