Monday, 1 April 2013

after the glitter fades

SPRING BREAK IS HERE YES AHA. I am back from Normandy (which was so much fun but the food was the worst and it was so cold but it was still awesome) and am now ready TO ROCK THIS SPRING BREAK. Can you see that I am excited? I am going to write letters, work in my diary, blog, go to Antwerp, have slumber parties, decorate my room, craft non stop for two weeks. I also got some film developed from this winter and from Normandy. The film from this winter didn't came out that well, but i used the flash more for the Normandy film they came out really great. Here are some of them:
virgin mary all written over, in the church of Bayeux (Normandy)
On the road to Normandy
Me and my boyfriend (Normandy)
Pretty car that I saw on the road to France, gone skiing
 Again the church of Bayeux (Normandy)
 Random Carnival on the pier (Normandy)

Alice in a sewing store from when I went to Antwerp
 Again church of Bayeux (Normandy)
 Point du Hoc (Normandy)
Fien&Zoe (Normandy)
Zoe (Normandy)
 New years eve
Parel (Normandy)
 Witchy ritual on new years eve aka burning the left over thai food
 Pretty car on the road to France, skiing trip
Fien (Normandy)
My sister Flo (click that link!) 
Louvre, Paris
 Zoe, the birthday girl with the cake that Parel baked (Normandy)
 Wow that were lots of photo's. Sorry. It felt right to show them here. They are very personal.
But I don't know, I just really don't want to be one of these cardboard fashion bloggers who always
look perfect with a full fashionable designer outfit and flawless make up. Because that is just not who I am. 
I am thirteen (fourteen in twenty days OH YES SEND ME BIRTHDAY PRESENTS). 
And I also have a normal teenager life, sometimes I skip a day of school for a blogger event but most of the time I am in school trying to understand what my Maths teacher says. 
And after school I am not having diner and cocktails with a fancy designer or journalist or make up artist,
I am home at my desk studying for a test and chatting with my friend on facebook and making stupid selfies.
Ok just wanted to say that. Also I decided that this spring break I will make more different posts.
Because normally my blogposts are a really long hodgepodge of different subjects. 
And this springbreak I have more time, so they will be more specific, if you know what I mean.

-Love Ibe-


  1. super coole fotos! volgens mij zijn we op dezelfde dag jarig, 21 april? :)

  2. oh wow that looks like so much fun! amazing photos, I particularly like the one of feet and the one of your friend by the sea. :)


  3. Nice Photos! Which camera do you use??
    I love your dark lipstick! Ive been wanting to get one of those!

  4. these pictures are amazing! i'd really like to give film a try now. ;)